For wherever you enter, you obtain the grace of conversion and growth in holiness, since it is through your hands that all graces come to us from the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We beg her to make us useful instruments in her immaculate and most merciful hands and that she would not allow us to oppose her; we ask her that she may even constrain us, should we not want to listen to her. Q: What is the meaning of consecration? Please accept our consecration, dearest Mother, and use us as You wish to accomplish Your designs in the world. Renew the consecration once a year on the same date chosen above, and by following the same 33-day period of exercises. Our Lady herself is the time of grace! The photo for this article shows Fr. CONSECRATION TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY "Consecration to the Mother of God," says Pope Pius XII, "is a total gift of self, for the whole of life and for all eternity; and a gift which is not a mere formality or sentimentality, but effectual, comprising the full intensity of the Christian life - Marian life." To thee we give our bodies, our hearts and our souls; to thee we give our homes, our families, our country. Growing closer to Mary seemed okay too, but as I got further into what consecration called us to, I became increasingly disturbed. As one prepares for unlimited Marian Consecration the number of days, per se, are not important but rather the disposition of one’s heart, seeking to reach into the very depths of oneself, as it were, to knowingly and willingly offer mind, heart and will to the Immaculate. Oficina Nacional Hispana de la MI In this act of consecration, we beg her to use us to destroy the whole serpent, representing the various heresies, which keep the world entangled. What is Consecration to Mary? so on earth. We consecrate to thee our very being and our whole life; all that we have, all that we love, all that we are. It has been put together by the Company of Mary, which St. Louis founded himself and is the original book written for total consecration to the Heart of Mary. The 33-day consecration sets forth the saint’s spirituality and is a guide to his act of total consecration to Jesus through Mary. Alphonse Ratisbonne speaks similarly about the rays of grace, as he recounts his vision. 1. The most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the love of God toward men. An eight-part series on the Militia of the Immaculata (MI) complements the Preparation for Consecration to Mary. Consecration to Mary, is therefore, an evangelical act of dying to ourselves, in self-denial and self-surrender, in the spirit of Totus Tuus, dedicating everything that is ours for a sacred purpose, the purpose for which God created us, for us to belong entirely to Him. All over the world, we see unhappy, erring souls, who do not even know their purpose in life. MARY’S MANTLE CONSECRATION Mary’s Mantle Consecration incorporates four modes of prayer that have stood the test of time and truth in moving and melting the heart of God. The Immaculata did not bend away from the will of God in anything. The first parents were immaculate before sinning, but neither were they conceived. She … Satan, soiled by sin, endeavors to soil all souls on earth. Intelligent apprehension of what consecration is, and of what it involves, is necessary to an intelligent consecration of oneself. The Marian Consecration of St. Maximilian Kolbe is distinguished from the teaching of Saint Louis Grignion [de Montfort] especially on account of what lies behind it: Not just the “Franciscan thesis,” but also the dogma of the Immaculate, with all its practical and theoretical consequences. The Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship defines consecration to Mary as an overt recognition of the “singular role of Mary in the Mystery of Christ and of the Church, of the universal … Consecration to Mary. The totally consecrated person likewise ponders the Christian mysteries and joins his or her life to that of Jesus and Mary. For Montfort, consecration begins a gradual process of sanctification in which a person's focus turns away from self-love and towards God through Mary. In this way, we express a desire and an entreaty that she may allow us to become hers under every aspect more and more perfectly. "Marian Consecration" in Western Christian spirituality is usually associated with St. Louis Grignion de Montfort, St. John Eudes, and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Hence, the saints claim that Jesus reserved for himself the order of justice, giving to the Immaculata the whole order of his mercy. Thus, by consecrating ourselves to Mary, each of us is saying to her we want her help to form us into Saints. Consecrate comes from the Latin word consecrare: "to dedicate, to set aside for a holy purpose." V. Allow me to praise you, O sacred Virgin. O Mary, Virgin most powerful and Mother of mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to thine Immaculate Heart. Many, too, are indifferent to the highest love. We beg her to give us strength against them. Many people have a confused idea as to what sanctification really is. He wishes to establish the devotion to my Immaculate Heart throughout the world. I learned all about this “Consecration Chain” when Fr. He makes her the Mother of grace, the Mother of souls reborn of grace, souls regenerated, and continually being reborn into an always more perfect divinization. He lie in wait for her heel in the persons of her children; however, in the fight against her, she crushes always his head in every soul who has recourse to her. Make of me, of all my powers of soul and body, of my whole life, death and eternity, whatever most pleases you. The act of entrusting oneself to Mary’s care and intercession is nothing new. When Duns Scotus, a Franciscan, went to Paris for a dispute in which he was to defend the privilege of the Immaculate Conception at the University of the Sorbonne, he passed by a statue of the Blessed Mother and prayed to her with the above-mentioned words. Give me strength against your enemies. In all things she loved the will of God, loved God. Catholics sometimes talk about consecrating themselves to Mary, but it's important to draw a distinction between this sort of consecration and the consecration you make to God.

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