almond, ginger, cinnamon, jam, chocolate The average ingredients composition of biscuits was 44% flour, 23% sugar, 3% milk, 11% fat and 4% egg. The major raw ingredients used for preparation of biscuits were flour, water, sugar, egg, milk and milk products. ACP – Acid calcium phosphate Shorter mixing times also result in less development of the gluten strands and hence the biscuits have a short texture. Table 2 Show proximate composition of biscuit samples prepared by replacing 5%, 10% and 15% of wheat flour with DPT compared to control sample. 4.4. The percentage of protein determines the flour strength. They are produced primarily from vegetable oils, but may contain hydrogenated fish oils. This contributes to the colouring of the biscuit. 4.8. Wheat flour contains proteins including gliadin and glutenin. Common sugar (sucrose) is a carbohydrate derived from sugar cane or sugar beet. National Institute for Health and Welfare. Fineli®. Above temperatures of 60o-70o C the swelling is irreversible and gelatinisation begins. NTNF.000539. Typical biscuit flour is milled to a yield or extraction of 70-75%. Amylose molecules contribute to gel formation. A microscopic, unicellular organism. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) website. Food Resource, Oregon State University. 1.2. 2.5. The grain consists of bran (12%), which... 1.2. 2. publishing Ltd. 1996. In addition these doughs have higher fat contents. Sensory evaluation was Whole egg powder Obese individuals are advised to use biscuits with care because it will enhance their obesity. Examining the Role of Fats in Bakery, APR03. Gel. High fructose syrup is a special type of glucose, formulated with a high fructose content. Biscuits were produced from composite flours of cocoyam and wheat at the ratios - 100:0, 95: 5, 90:10, 85:15, 80: 20 respectively, using 100% wheat flour as control. It is a good supplementary food for energy malnourished children and adults. 2010, Food Resource, Oregon State University. In the production of GF food there are different challenges to face. Gluten free biscuits issues 2.1. Technology of Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies, 2nd Edition, Woodehead Used as one of the important flavour ingredients for biscuits.. Rich in maltose, which is a reducing sugar. This study aimed at producing Biscuits prepared from flour blend of 21.67% unripe cooking banana, 21.67% pigeon pea, and 56.67% sweet potato were the most preferred in terms of shape, mouthfeel, taste, crunchiness, and overall acceptability. Rotary moulded doughs may have 17% – 30% of fat and wire-cut and deposited cookie doughs 25% – 60%. The average chemical composition of biscuits was 5.58% protein 28.05% fat. INTRODUCTION Biscuits are a ready-to-eat, cheap and convenient food product that is consumed among all age groups in many countries (Hussein et al., 2006). Starch from wheat, corn, potato, cassava or any other plant can be used for this purpose. In general, the biscuits analyzed were low in protein, high in fat and energy. minerals detected in biscuits were sodium, followed by calcium and magnesium. Starch Dept. Most modern biscuits can trace their origins back to either the hardtack ship's biscuit or the creative art of the baker: DTKFCPL. Typical blended vegetable dough fats are solid at ambient temperature and melt over a wide temperature range. Sodium bicarbonate (“Soda”) NaHCO3 The grain consists of bran (12%), which is the outer husk, endosperm, which is the white centre (85.5%) and the tiny germ (2.5%). Yeast Fermentation in Baked Goods. The most effective online solution for the biscuit industry. Starch. A total of six brands from each type of biscuit (chocolate chip, corn, cracker with sugar, vegetable flavoured cracker, cream filled, oatmeal, shortbread and fully coated chocolate wafer) and five brands of wholemeal crackers were sampled from local Glucose syrup (C6H12O6) is a solution (up to 80%) of glucose (dextrose), maltose and maltodextrins in water. composition of foods and that biscuits are habitually consumed by a great part of the population and there is a lack of data on the chemical composition of these products in FCDBs , the aim of this study was to analyze the content of moisture, ash, protein, total fat, total fiber and fractions, sodium, iron, cupper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium of commonly … It may be added to the fat or directly into the dough mix. 1.46 fiber % and 57.27% carbohydrates. While Indians enjoy chai-biscuit, everywhere else in the world people enjoy cookies & biscotti with their tea.. ; Khattak, M.S. 1981. Head to the diet generator and enter the number of calories you want. Wheat flour The principle ingredient of biscuits is wheat flour. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our Crystalline fructose is a monosaccharide, dried and ground, and of high purity. Whole egg powder is spray dried. Among the blends, biscuits containing 70% palm weevil larvae had the highest energy and fat content, and protein content also increased by 45% compared with biscuits made from 100% wheat flour. The biscuit produced was analyzed for proximate composition using standard method., British Sugar plc. In the manufacture of biscuits, oils and fats are one of the three essential ingredients after wheat flour and sugar as reported by Asean Food Journal. These results of applying a speckle interferometry optical technique can aid biscuit manufacturers in avoiding the damaging phenomenon of checking. Sodium chloride, used as a flavour enhancer and also to control the rate and extent of fermentation. Though the nuts are generally eaten in Nigeria, much … The caloric values of these biscuits were determined by multiplying the, protein, carbohydrate and fat contents of these biscuits with 4, 4 and 9. Our aim is to indicate the complex chemical and physical changes which take place with temperature and particularly during baking. Salt (NaCl) 1.Flour 1.1. 2015. 1.1. While water is also added to a biscuit, cookie, or cracker dough, this is not a major component of the final product since it evaporates during baking. Fresh yeast is available as a compressed block. Moreover, the composition of GF biscuits available on the Italian market has been considered. Corn flour is a white free flowing powder produced by wet milling of maize, followed by washing, concentrating, centrifuging, drying, milling and sifting to give a natural maize starch. The formation of the gluten, its strength and elasticity are largely determined by the flour... 1.3. The gluten web is also important in trapping air and gas bubbles formed by yeast fermentation or by leavening agents such as sodium bicarbonate (“soda”) or ammonium carbonate (“vol”). A low protein flour makes a dough with a much weaker gluten web. Here we will introduce briefly the main ingredients and process requirements for the baking of biscuits. Biscuits, cookies, and crackers have a cereal base of at least 60%. Fat content lay in the range of 16.89 to 25.75 g/100 g. The major. 2018.DOI: 10.31031/NTNF.2018.02.000539 Volume ssue the nutrient and sensory qualities of the nut has also been reported [7]. These biscuits are made with “strong” flour, which has a high protein content, typically 10-12%. Proximate Composition Proximate analyses (Table 2) of biscuit treatments indicated that fortification of biscuit (B) with 20% WG significantly (p ≤ 0.05) increased protein and total minerals, while decreased moisture, fat and total carbohydrates. The formation of the gluten, its strength and elasticity are largely determined by the flour specification, recipe and the mixing and forming processes. This leavening process, combined with the laminating of the dough, gives the characteristic open, flaky texture of crackers during baking. Wheat gluten. Decision News Media 2008. Enzyme Development Corporation. It is used as a leavening agent in conjunction with sodium bicarbonate and ammonium carbonate. Butter The results indicated that adding DTP to prepared biscuits caused significant (P ≤ 0.05) increase in their moisture contents ranged from 5.23% to 6.29% compared to control biscuit which given 3.73%. SAPP – Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Starch is insoluble in water, however the starch granules do absorb a limited amount of water in the dough and swell. Recipes with high fat contents require little water for producing a cohesive dough and produce soft, short doughs. The grain consists of bran (12%), w… Syrup of 70% solids made by acid hydrolysis of sucrose. In general, the biscuits analyzed were low in protein, high in fat and energy. Starch. After inversion the solution is neutralised by the addition of soda. eggless Indian Biscuit Recipes. As the starch gel is heated further, dextrinisation occurs. Protein and total minerals increased by about 29% and 49%, respectively. A reducing agent for the modification of the strength of the gluten in doughs. Biscuits prepared with different levels of hydrogenated fat (vanaspati) and peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) butter (PB) (100:00, 75:25, 50;50, 25;75, 00:100) were evaluated for their fatty acid composition and textural property. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our Dry sucrose melts at 160oC – 186oC. They are an important baked product in the human diet, which are usually consumed with a beverage and are also used as … Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Biscuits (Plain or buttermilk, commercially baked). Sugar gives sweetness, but functional properties of sugar are also important in developing the texture of the biscuit. Vegetable fats SMS – Sodium metabisulphite Na2S2O5 The fat, composed of triglycerides and surfectants, also tends to inhibit gelatinisation. A volatile salt, which is an effective leavening agent. Assessment of the biscuit types for susceptibility test was based on percentage adult mortality, mean number of Wade P. Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers, Volume 1, Elsevier Applied Science Publishers Fats for biscuits are a vitally important ingredient in achieving the texture, mouth feel, and the bite of the biscuit. Protein composition of biscuit formulated from millet and cowpea was also increased as the level of cowpea increased [36]. Ingredients and chemical composition of biscuits available in Peshawar and Mardan divisions [Pakistan] Experimental Cookery from the Chemical and Physical Standpoint. Lipid Extraction for Fat Composition The minor ingredients, which usually gave name to the biscuit type, were vanilla, peanut. Active dried yeast and instant active dried yeast are other forms. Looks like you don’t have a subscription to do that. Proximate and mineral composition of the biscuits increased with increasing levels of palm weevil larvae flour substitution. This is usually wheat but is sometimes oat, barley, rye, or rice. Ash Content Ash content was determined according to the ICC method 104/1 [19]; 1 g of grounded biscuits was collected in a porcelain crucible and put in mu e at 525 C until the residue was white or nearly white. 3.2. One of the principle ingredients for biscuits is wheat flour. Biscuits were stored in glass jars to study their storage stability. In general, reduction of fat content increased the modulus and the fracture stress of biscuits. The minor ingredients, used for taste and quality development of biscuits were added in trace amounts. The fats are produced from good quality crude oils by a process of refining, bleaching and deodorising. Data for ingredient formulation and ingredient composition of nineteen types of biscuits; available at 106 randomly selected bakers' shops of Peshawar and Mardan divisions, was collected. The result is a 50:50 mixture of dextrose and fructose which are both reducing sugars and contribute to the Maillard reaction in baking. 3.1. The most important aerating agent. Nov Tech Nutri Food Sci. 0.47% ash. The data revealed that 15% wheat germ supplemented wheat biscuits had the highest Ca, Fe, P, Na and K contents; respectively. biscuits attractive for protein fortification and other nutritional improvements. Dakota Yeast. 3.3. Invert sugar syrup is a mixture of glucose and fructose. Starch. Standard methods were used to estimate nutrient composition of biscuits. Meanwhile, 20% wheat germ supplemented wheat biscuits had the highest Mn and Cu contents, respectively. Sugar crystals, which melt during baking, cool to a non-crystalline glass-like state which gives a crispy, crunchy texture, particularly on sugar topped biscuits. The invert syrup is sweeter than sugar and it contributes to a moist, tender texture in the biscuit. (NWFP Agricultural Univ., Peshawar (Pakistan). Most fats used in biscuit making are melted below blood temperature (36.9oC), and this avoids a waxy mouth feel. Glucose syrup 2008. 2(3). Evaluation of Biscuit Produced from Composition of Wheat and Africa Walnut 176 Flour. Decide for what purposes you're willing to share your personal information with us and our partners. Moisture content: 0.06% maximum Development of fortified biscuits or other composite flour bakery products is the latest trend in bakery industry. The composite flours were thereafter, processed into biscuit and the physical dimensions and proximate composition of the biscuits were determined. Biscuits with sugar toppings which are melted to a smooth, shiny surface require high intensity flash heat at the end of the oven to fully melt the sugar. Toufeili, Ismail B, Shadarevian S, Baalbaki R, Khatar BS, Bell AE, Schofield JD. Lansbergen G. Fats for Food Consultants. Fats also tend to inhibit the leavening action of the carbon dioxide diffusion in the dough during baking and this produces a softer, finer texture. Standard glucose syrup has a DE value (dextrose equivalent) of 42. Lowe B. An analysis of ingredients’ lists has been made to find the ongoing trend of utilization of ingredients and additives too. Proteinases break down and modify the gluten in doughs, giving a softer, less elastic dough. The heat treatment used to concentrate the solution destroys any enzymes. Acid calcium phosphate is also known as monocalcium phosphate. 4.7. Ghiasi K, Hoseney RC, Varriano-Marston. 1.3. [Sarhad Journal of Agriculture (Pakistan)]. All Rights Reserved. 4.9. The relative sweetness of 42DE glucose to sucrose is 40-45%. Two buckwheat species are commonly cultivated: common … 4.6. 1990. A tropical touch. Samples of these biscuits, collected from 10% of the 106 randomly selected bakers shops, were analyzed for chemical composition. 2.4. It has a short gel texture, relatively high viscosity and is easily dispersed in cold water. Crystal sugar:          150μm Where both fat and sugar amounts in the recipe are high, they combine to make a soft, syrupy, chewy texture. Coconut oil is typically used for oils spraying. 2010. Cane syrup 80% 2.6. Duncan Manley, Manual 1, Ingredients, Wood head publishing Ltd. 1998. Caster sugar:           150 – 450μm The protein in corn flour does not form gluten, and it can be used as an ingredient to produce a more tender biscuit with reduced gluten development. Obese individuals are advised to use biscuits with care because it will enhance their obesity. Saturated fatty acids like myristic, palmitic, stearic acids were higher in control biscuits (100% vanaspati), which decreased with increasing proportion of PB in the experimental biscuits. Leading Edge. composition of selected commercial biscuits in Malaysia. Yeast (fresh) Soy-based solutions., Benedict M. University of Houston. Journal of Cereal Science. biscuit starch coating composition composition typically Prior art date 2001-07-12 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve Ash content:        0.03% maximum. Wheat gluten It is a disaccharide composed of two monosaccharides, a molecule of glucose joined to a molecule of fructose. National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad  established in 1984, is the largest research centre of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). Woodhead The average chemical composition of biscuits was 5.58% protein 28.05% o fat, 0.47% ash, 1.46 fiber % and 57.27% carbohydrates. Proximate Composition of Biscuit with Truffle Powder. Corn flour 2.2. The principle starch molecules in wheat flour are amylose, which typically comprises 28% of the total amount of starch. Regardless of composition, the linear region was very limited; beyond that, pronounced yielding and ... 6 Fracture Properties of Short-dough Biscuits: Effect of composition Abstract 97 6.1 Introduction 97 6.2 Experimental 99 6.2.1 Materials 99 6.2.2 … Penton Media Inc. 2008. traffic. Abandoned Application number US12/257,249 Inventor Cheree L.B. One of the principle ingredients for biscuits is wheat flour. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. 4.2. TECHNOLOGY OF BISCUITS, RUSKS, CRACKERS & COOKIES WITH FORMULATIONS (Wafer Biscuits, Cream Sandwich Biscuits, Ot Cereal Biscuits, Low Sugar Biscuits, High Fibre Biscuits, herbal Biscuits, dog biscuits and Other biscuits) USD 151.00 USD 48.00 e-copy (PDF format) will be sent by email within 24-48 hours. 2003-2010. There were significant differences (p<0.05) in the functional properties of the composite flour except for bulk density. A vegetable shortening typically has an SFI of around 21% at 25oC and 17% at 30oC. The average energy content of biscuits was 518 Kcal/100g. How to get best flour for your biscuits? The flour will also contain moisture of between 13 – 15%. Rancidity in hard sweet laminated biscuits, Safflower Oil use in moulded biscuit dough, Chocolate cooler: Chip & Chunk moulding line CCM 1500, Sandwiching Automatic On Edge Packaging Line, Globosilo -- outdoor silo in stainless steel, Why ‘Medium’ Should Mean No Compromise on Performance, The word ‘medium’ can often suggest an element of compromise, whether that be ‘taking the middle course’ in a discussion, or asking for a steak, Modelling of Biscuit Checking Phenomenon Using Speckle Interferometry and Semi-Coupled Finite Element Techniques. Minerals Composition of Biscuits. The mechanical properties of short doughs of various composition were determined in small amplitude oscillatory experiments and in uniaxial compression. A thick glutinous syrup of 80% solids usually non-diastatic and obtained by water extraction of malted wheat or barley. Cereal Chemistry 60(1):58-61. Screened White Sugars. Sodium acid pyrophosphate is commonly used in the baking industry as a leavening agent. The other research report also indicated that protein content of biscuits 19.33% was obtained from 40% of lima bean, 25% sorghum and 35% of wheat composite flour [37]. 4.1. Gurney A. Bakery Fats and Oils. The sucrose in solution is heated with a small quantity of acid such as citric acid. Typically crackers and hard sweet biscuit doughs, which are sheeted and cut, have fat contents of 10% – 22% of the flour by weight. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics Starch is a polysaccharide (many sugars) made up of glucose units linked together to form long chains. Sucrose Sucrose syrup slightly enhanced the brittle character of biscuits, compared with crystalline sucrose, indicating that sucrose crystals … It breaks down sucrose and maltose into monosaccharides and glucose and fructose into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Graph showing melting profiles (Solid Fat Index vs temperature) of various oils and fats Oxford Instruments. Biscuit Recipes.Waking up in the morning to a cup of tea/coffee with a biscuit for breakfast is a ritual in most Indian households. Granulated sugar:     450 – 600μm Coconut oil … During mixing, the fat coats the flour particles and this inhibits hydration and interrupts the formation of the gluten. Actual daily nutrient requirements might be different based on your age, gender, level of physical activity, medical history and other factors. Ammonium bicarbonate (“Vol”) (NH4)HCO3 Stevens Original Assignee Stevens Cheree L B There were no significant differences (p>0.05) in the pasting profile of the wheat-sorghum flour blends except for set back viscosity and … The structure and texture of the biscuit is determined by the ingredients, mixing and forming and the baking process. The average energy content of biscuits was 518 Kcal/100g. The highest protein content was found in the wholemeal crackers (9.92 g/100 g) and the lowest protein content was found in the cream filledbiscuits(5.65 g/100 g). This will inform how we design and operate the baking oven. The flavour of the butter is complemented by sugar and vanilla during baking and gives a distinctive flavour and aroma. The fat coats the flour particles and this inhibits the hydration of the proteins and the formation of the gluten web. Wholemeal flour is of 100% extraction and wheat meal flours in between these extraction rates, normally around 84% extraction. Physical facilities in term of experimental fields, laboratories, green houses, gene bank, library/ documentation, auditorium, machinery & lab equipment repair workshops, stores, hostels, cafeteria, audio visual studios, are also available at NARC. " It is a good supplementary food for energy … Dissolved sugar tends to inhibit starch gelatinisation and gluten formation and creates a biscuit with a more tender texture. You've read all of your free stories this month. 2001. The average energy content of biscuits was 518 Kcal/100g. 2.3. Malnutrition is a major problem especially among children in developing countries including Nigeria. Key words: Tigernut flour, maize flour, biscuits, proximate composition, physical and sensory properties. Thirty-two products (four biscuits, nine tender treats, two meat-based strips, five rawhides, eight chewable sticks, four dental care sticks) were analysed for proximate nutrient composition and quantification of minerals, hydroxyproline (Hyp), starch, glucose, fructose … Flour Specifications. Fats are specified with a Solid Fat Index (SFI), which indicates the percentage of solid fat present in the total fat. Malt extract 80% Commercially, fructose is usually derived from sugar cane, sugar beets and corn. Used for their excellent flavour. 2002. Egg yolk is rich in fat and lecithin and it is these ingredients which enhance the flavour and eating quality of the cookie. - 2020. The reducing sugars in the presence of amino acids produce the Maillard reaction which contributes to the colour of the biscuit. of Nutrition and Food Technology, Butterworths, Boston. Moodie P. Traditional Baking Enzymes – Proteases. NARC, with a total land area of approximately 1400 acres, is located near Rawal Lake, six kilometers south-east of Islamabad. MadSci Network. Changes in sensory characteristics, fat acidity and free fatty acids were studied using standard methods during the storage period. Invert syrup 70% Bread Dough. Forty-one dog treats were selected from the market with the aim of providing more insight into supplemental pet food composition. Soft or short biscuits are generally made with low protein flour (7-9%). 2.4. The antinutritional factors in the biscuit samples were within permissible levels. The sucrose is split into its component monosaccharides by hydrolysis. The wheat flour is composed of carbohydrate (as starch), protein and fat, together with some fibre, ash and trace minerals and vitamins. The protein content of the some cereal and legume based biscuits increased with increasing in the percentage … Become a member to keep reading. Proteolytic enzyme,, Register now and continue reading without interruptions. Whole Wheat Cornflake Cookies, Eggless Publishing Ltd. 2001, Duncan Manley. Eyre C. AB Enzymes launch targets improved biscuit baking. Gelatinisation Patterns. In the presence of water these proteins combine to form gluten. Want to use it in a meal plan? of Human Nutrition). How does temperature affect yeast activity? It combines with sodium bicarbonate to release carbon dioxide. Leading image: By baibaz/, Baking Management. In general, the biscuits analyzed were low in protein, high in fat and energy. Wheat flour. It is much sweeter than glucose. Undissolved sugar crystals give a crunchy, crisp texture. 50 eggless Indian biscuit recipes | biscuit recipe collection. Their linear chains of molecules line up together and are able to bond to make a viscous gel. 2009. Fructose syrup 80% Sugar is used in biscuit formulations in a granulated or powder form. How to cite this article: Olanipekun B F, Adelakun O E, Anie P I, Fajuyi F O. Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH. Consumption of nutritious snacks could help to reduce protein-energy malnutrition in school children and adults. Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet and 155 lbs (70 kg) body weight . Wheat Flour Whole Grain. Other major ingredients are fat or shortening, and sugar. The oil is hydrogenated, neutralised, deodorised and bleached. All data displayed on this site is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a … Nutrition facts for Cookies, Marie biscuit, recommended daily values and analysis. It represents almost all of the carbohydrate content and around 80% of the total energy content of wheat flour. 2003, Duncan Manley. Powdered sugar:       60μm biscuits were dried in an oven for 90 min at 130 C until constant weight. Brown sugar, a dry golden brown sugar with bold crystals. The processing of flat wafers (3/7): Baking specifications, How to make a wafer? 4.3. The presence of sugars delays the gelatinisation of the starch, which may be due to the competition for water. The gelatinisation may continue until the starch granules are fully swollen, but it is normal in baked products that only partial gelatinisation occurs. The growing interest in these types of ... and chemical composition. The gelatinisation of the starch contributes to the rigidity and texture of the biscuit. This is the third of seven installments covering all the facets of flat wafer processing and baking specifications. The relative magnitude of this effect depended on the fat type. The average chemical composition of biscuits was 5.58% protein 28.05% o fat, 0.47% ash, 1.46 fiber % and 57.27% carbohydrates. Ingredients and chemical composition of biscuits available in Peshawar and Mardan divisions [Pakistan]. Biscuit, cracker and cookie recipes for the food industry. During fermentation, the gas production causes the dough to increase in volume and develops the flavour. The biscuit samples had proximate composition ranging from 4.9 - 5.5% moisture content, 8.6 - 12.0% crude protein, 3.4 – 4.8% ash, 15.4 – 24.0% fat, and 55.4 – 64.0% carbohydrate and 2.09 - 2.81% crude fibre. The mean values of minerals composition of wheat biscuits and 15%, 20% wheat germ fortified biscuits are outlined in Table 5. As the dough is mixed the protein molecules form long strands of gluten, which have strength and elasticity. ", "Ingredients and chemical composition of biscuits available in Peshawar and Mardan divisions [Pakistan]". collected from your use of their services. Other reducing sugars are included in biscuit formulations in syrup form, for example glucose syrup, malt extracts, honey. Starch is the main component of wheat flour. 4.5. In soft dough products, the high sugar and fat content of the dough inhibits starch gelatinisation. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a mixture of glucose and fructose. Ltd. 1988. Syrups with 80% solids derived from the refining of cane sugar. It is normally obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. Melting point: 32 – 34oC. Khattak, I.A. Wheat flour Butter is used for its shortening and flavour. Gluten. Gluten role in GF biscuits production. 2015. It causes the gluten to become more extensible and less elastic and so reduces shrinkage of the dough pieces during baking. Role of Gluten proteins in the Baking of Arabic Bread. Effects of Flour Components and Dough 1.4. The gluten forms an elastic web, which gives the dough strength and allows it to be machined into a thin sheet for crackers and hard sweet biscuits. With high sugar and fat recipes, the dough has a low gel viscosity and strength and produces short and soft biscuits and cookies. Buck JS, Walker CE, Sugar and Sucrose Ester Effects on Maize and Wheat Starch A dough made from strong flour with a high protein content, is extensible and can be machined into a continuous sheet for crackers and hard biscuits. 2009. Ingredients on Starch gelatinisation. The Excerpts from Bender Arnold E.Dictionary Presented at American Institute of Baking, Manhattan, Kansas. The mechanical properties of short-dough biscuits of various composition were determined in three-point bending tests. The protein is mainly gluten, composed of gliadin and glutenin.

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